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FEMSA Foundation launches urgent call to commit to the future of Water Security by 2030


  • FEMSA will invest 22 million dollars to the cause of water security by 2030; It calls on different industries to multiply this sum.¬†
  • Within the framework of the United Nations Water Conference, FEMSA Foundation inaugurates the first edition of Waves of Change, a space for Latin America to contribute to the international conversation and to explore commitments that will transform the future of the region.
  • Waves of Change lead three conversations and drives commitments from partners such as the Inter-American Development Bank, One Drop Foundation, Wavin, Heineken, Coca-Cola FEMSA, Government of Korea, Government of Israel, Korean Ministry of Environment, IDB Group and SIWI.

March 21, Monterrey, Nuevo Le√≥n, M√©xico.- Latin America is the source of 30 percent of the world’s drinking water. Yet, 160 million of its people have no access to water. The problem, as such, is not only one of scarce resources. It is also a matter of inefficiency, poor governance, and sluggish adaptation.

To change this reality, we need public, private and civil society actors to collaborate. The vast opportunities and needs from agriculture to potable water, of Latin America hold the potential for better or worse to transform not only the region, but the whole world.

For that reason, FEMSA Foundation is inaugurating Waves of Change.

Within the framework of the United Nations Water Conference from March 22 to 24, this first edition in a series of meeting spaces will encourage the Latin American community to be heard, seen and included in the water action agenda.

In these forums we will explore how the dilemmas, voices and commitments of Latin America  can contribute to international conversations that, in turn, determine the vision and priorities of Water Security. We will also reflect on the engagements that are necessary for transforming the future of the region.

“It is urgent to change the direction of Latin America, and in the framework of this conference we call for recognition that our region needs us; today there is an obligation to invest in innovations, collaborate through trust, and design a vision for the future,” said Lorena Guill√©-Laris, Director of FEMSA Foundation.

“We recognise that we cannot achieve this alone, so we invite Latin America and the world to join us in our commitment to multiply our investment of 22 million dollars by 2030 and to help us to ensure that for every dollar invested, there are another five dollars from partners who dare to share the vision and action for Water Security in Latin America,” announced Guill√©-Laris.

In this edition of Waves of Change, FEMSA Foundation invites the Latin American community to gather in person and virtually in three different conversations:

Be the drop that shapes the wave

Thursday 23 March, 18:00 – 20:00 (ET)

Is it possible to change history through the power of art and water? By way of answer, we worked for two months, using One Drop Foundation’s ABC for Sustainability methodology, an approach that we have used for six years as part of our Lazos de Agua project. Through community participation and with the guidance of artists, we co-created a work of art that represents the thoughts, dreams and hopes about water of more than 100 participants from across Latin America and New York. The creation involved special participation from Inma Barrero, a Spanish artist who lives in New York and whose heart is set on water conservation.¬†

Talking the Untalkable, LATAM Edition.

Friday 24 March, 15:00 to 17:30 h (ET)

Can we dare to speak of things about which we never speak? Through inspiring talks and challenging conversations, we hope together to name the elephant(s) in the room as we explore the following conundrums: How can cities adapt quickly and equitably when the crisis has already begun? How can we truly collaborate to drive the systemic change we need? What solutions should we push for, and how do we fund them?

Celebrating the source of innovation

Friday 24 March, 8:00am (ET) At HQ United Nations and 18:00 – 20:00 (ET) at Le Sky Room at FIAF (ET)

Is it possible to innovate and thrive in a complex environment such as Latin America? We will discuss the hard part, reviewing the challenges that entrepreneurs and institutions face and defining strategies to implement and scale innovations that solve water problems.

In addition, this will be a space for the declaration of relevant commitments for Latin America. These will include, among others, a pledge from FEMSA Foundation, One Drop and the Inter-American Development Bank to ensure that one million people have access to safe water in Latin America by 2030; the signing of cooperation agreements between the Development Banks of Africa, Latin America and Asia and the signing between the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Meteorological Organization to promote programs and projects that foster cooperation.

To join these sessions in person, please register on our website https://wavesofchangelatam.com/ and virtually you can do so by filling out this registration form or by following the transmission on FEMSA Foundation’s LinkedIn account.

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