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FEMSA Collection’s “Double Exposure/Doble Exposición” opens in Miami

  • “Double Exposure / Doble Exposición: Portraits of Rupture. FEMSA Collection”, exhibiting 53 works by 28 authors will be on display at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Miami until January 17th, 2014
  • Emma Cecilia García Krinsky, curator of the exhibition, will give a lecture at the Institute tomorrow at 19:00

Miami, Florida, November 13th, 2013.- FEMSA Collection brings Mexican art closer to the Florida community through the exhibition “Double Exposure / Doble Exposición: Portraits of Rupture”, composed of a series of memorable photographs, lithographs, drawings and paintings, that will be available to the public starting today and until January 17th at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Miami.

The exhibit showcases 28 great artists of the 20th century that broke the barriers of the conventional by defying the prevailing pictorial tradition and innovating on techniques, themes and materials, triggering one of the most memorable artistic movements on the history of Mexican art: the Rupture. The artworks are divided into four thematic cores: The Precursors; The Rupture Generation; Echoes from Rupture; and Double Exposure.

“These images make us aware of both the person being portrayed and the implicit presence of the portraitist, hence the title “Double Exposure.” The artworks keep not only the essence of the person photographed, but also introduce the spectator to each author´s particular world, perceiving their unique point of view through their compositions. FEMSA Collection aims to bring and promote culture through the manifestation of art, therefore we are greatly indebted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico and to the Mexican Consulate in Miami for their support in bringing this exhibit to the Mexican Cultural Institute for the enjoyment of all its visitors,” stated Rosa María Rodríguez, FEMSA’s Cultural Program Manager.

Apart from the different works of art, the exhibition also includes a documentary about the art movement known as “Rupture”, coordinated by the curator of the exposition, Emma Cecilia García Krinsky, and produced by Arocena Museum. The video shows interviews of some of the main leaders of the movement, providing the spectator with a more profound vision about the theme of the exhibition.

“During the first decades of the 20th century, the Mexican Mural Movement and the Mexican School of Painting prevailed. However, young artists strived for a change that would give way to new forms of freedom of expression: abstraction, neo-figuration, expressionism, and later on, geometrism; resulting in the integration of Mexican plastic arts to the international art trends. Double Exposure depicts the portraits of the characters that made this change possible through the lens of distinguished photographers that changed the course of plastic arts on our country,” explained Emma Cecilia García Krinsky, curator of the exhibition, researcher, and author of various photography books.

“We are very proud to welcome “Double Exposure: Portraits of the Rupture” here at the Mexican Cultural Institute, for it is through this type of exhibitions that we continue to support the dissemination of Mexican art in the United States. We extend an open invitation to the community to come and visit the Institute, see the exposition and learn about the leading artists of the Rupture movement,” said Nayeli Damián, director of the Mexican Culture Institute in Miami.

This is the last location to host the exposition, which began a tour through several cities in the United States that started in Brownsville earlier this year, as a part of FEMSA Collection’s itinerant program and as a result of the support of the Mexican Consulate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico.


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About FEMSA Collection

FEMSA Collection has been recognized as one of the most important private collections in Latin America, it contains over a thousand works of diverse artisitic manifestations such as painting, sculpture, drawing, graphics, photography, installation and video, and offers a tour of Latin America’s Modern and Contemporary Art with an emphasis in Mexican artistic expressions.

FEMSA Collection was born in 1977 as part of the company’s commitment to the integral development of its workers, their families and the communities where they develop. Its works show the evolution, plurality and richness of the Latinamerican Art in the 20th century. Through an active schedule of itinerant exhibitions, FEMSA shares its Collection with the most diverse communities in Mexico and abroad, fulfilling in this manner its mandate to promote interest in art and complement its historic efforts to boost education in its diverse facets.


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