FEMSA Collection and Bank of the Republic Art Collection present 90 Pieces by Great Masters of Mexican and Colombian Art - FEMSA
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FEMSA Collection and Bank of the Republic Art Collection present 90 Pieces by Great Masters of Mexican and Colombian Art

Bogotá, Colombia, December 3, 2018 – With an exhibition that explores the eagerness that Latin American countries had for a cultural independence and that united them closely in the awakening of the 20th century, FEMSA Collection visits Colombia again, this time in cooperation with Bank of the Republic’s Art Collection. Entitled “An art of its own: Convergences between Mexico and Colombia. FEMSA Collection – Bank of the Republic Art Collection”, the exhibition is held within the framework of the 15th anniversary of Coca-Cola FEMSA in Colombia, and illustrates some artistic trends, such as Muralism, whose influence spread throughout Latin America.

The exhibition consists of 90 works, 45 of which belong to the Mexican collection and 45 of which belong to the Colombian collection. The pieces are divided into five thematic areas: “he European experience; Toward an art of its own: man and the land; Oneiric and ironic: from surrealism to magical realism; Toward the abstraction of an own art; and A new figuration: the transgressed body.

“This splendid pictorial exhibition that exposes a wide panorama of parallel artistic manifestations, without a doubt strengthens the knowledge between our two countries, thus continuing the creation of new bonds that contribute to the enrichment of our sister cultures”, said Minister Juan Roberto González, Representative of the Embassy of Mexico in Colombia.

“Within the activities of the celebration of Mexico – Colombia’s dual year, it is a pleasure to share 45 representative pieces of Mexico, which belong to our collection, alongside pieces of a collection as representative and strong as the Art Collection of Bank of the Republic. Through this tour, it is possible to appreciate the works of great artists from both countries who sought to create their own art. We hope that the public of Bogota will participate in this extraordinary exhibition”, said Genaro Borrego Estrada, Director of Corporate Affairs at FEMSA.

“Coca-Cola FEMSA is celebrating fifteen years of operation in Colombia, during which it has demonstrated its commitment to the country and its economic, environmental and social development. Therefore, as we close the year of celebrations, as a sign of our gratitude to the Colombians, we have brought the FEMSA Collection so that the public can enjoy the artistic dialogue between Mexico and Colombia”, said Eduardo Pereyra, President of Coca-Cola FEMSA in Colombia.

The exhibition’s curatorship, carried out by Emma Cecilia García Krinsky and Christian Padilla Peñuela, shows how a dialogue is established between two countries and two collections in order to address the arrival of the vanguards in Mexico and Colombia, as well as the way in which artists from both nations meant for art to reflect a national identity and the manifestation of new currents that move away from nationalism through other pictorial languages. This exhibition includes pieces by Andrés de Santa María, Frida Kahlo, Débora Arango, Diego Rivera, Remedios Varo, Luis de Llanos, Dr. Atl (Gerardo Murillo), Leonora Carrington, Rufino Tamayo, Rómulo Rozo, Pedro Nel Gómez and Fernando Botero, to name a few.

“As is well known, Mexico took an early lead in the development of artistic and cultural expressions compared to other Latin American countries. The arrival of the Mexican Felipe Santiago Gutiérrez to Colombia in 1783, who would promote the founding of the first institution dedicated to the academic education of the arts, began a flow of cultural exchanges in which some prominent Colombians such as Rómulo Rozo, Leo Matiz or Gabriel García Márquez, among many others, would travel to Mexico to be nourished by the development of the different cultural manifestations, leaving important traces of his passage through the country. Thus, the plastic arts have not been the only meeting place between Mexico and Colombia, cinema and music have also allowed both cultures become richer continuously, giving unexpected turns for each country. Anyone who has had the opportunity to listen to a Colombian vallenato in the streets of Mexico or a ranchera at full volume in Colombian festivities knows this well.

The exhibition “An art of its own: Convergences between Mexico and Colombia. FEMSA Collection – Bank of the Republic Art Collection” is a reality thanks to the support of Coca-Cola FEMSA and Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs, through the Mexican Embassy in Colombia, as well as the Mexican Agency for International Cooperation for Development. The selection of works is exhibited at the Miguel Urrutia Art Museum in Bogotá, Colombia, from December 7, 2018 to February 18, 2019.


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