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Monterrey, Mexico, August 1, 2015. – Today, the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, led the opening ceremonies of the Monterrey Football Club Stadium. FEMSA’s Chairman of the Board, José Antonio Fernández Carbajal and representatives of the three levels of government were also present in the event.

For the first time in its 70 years of history, the Monterrey Football Club has its own stadium, which is on a par with the best in the world.
The new Monterrey Football Club Stadium is part of FEMSA’s economic and social commitment to the community and fans of the club. We want this stadium to become a sports paragon, leaving it as a legacy for the city.

“As a token of our appreciation and recognition for the city and for the best fans in Mexico, we set out to promote the construction of a stadium that was on a par with the best of the world. This building would not have been possible without the intense participation of diverse actors. Today, together, we can say we are fulfilling our commitment,” said José Antonio Fernández Carbajal, FEMSA’s Chairman of the Board.

An innovative and sustainable Stadium for our community

The Monterrey Football Club Stadium is a space offering cutting-edge architectural design.  The show on the field can be enjoyed in full by each of the 51,000 fans the stadium can welcome, as will be attested this Sunday during the inaugural match between Rayados of Monterrey and Portugal’s Benfica.    

Monterrey Football Club’s new house offers great technological advances, such as over 900 screens throughout the venue, two giant high definition screens, wireless internet connection, a modern pressroom with a capacity to welcome 80 reporters with all the commodities, and complete accessibility for people with disabilities. In addition, there are three restaurants and thirty-six points of sale offering food and beverages. 

This is a Stadium built with the latest sustainability standards for environmental protection and energy saving. We used ecological materials and lighting; all the wastewater is treated, and over a third of the surface is green.

One of the Stadium’s goals is to boost the development of Nuevo Leon and Monterrey with an investment that generates economic activity and thousands of direct and indirect jobs. Always complying with the housing zones, increasing and improving green areas, and adding spaces where citizens can get together and have fun. The Stadium aims to provide the zone with a higher profile, better facilities, and increased safety.

The La Silla River Grand Park: a project of ecological restoration for the community

The Stadium is part of a broader and more ambitious project called La Silla River Grand Park, which consists of restoring and recovering a natural space of great importance for Monterrey, where the only living river in the city flows.

“FEMSA’s employees are proud to complete a harmonious project of social coexistence in Monterrey and its vicinity. We complied with the housing zones, we improved the urban infrastructure of the surrounding communities, we strengthened the safety of the citizens and, most important, we preserved and cared for the environment,” said José Antonio Fernández Carbajal.

FEMSA and the Monterrey Football Club made a commitment to restoring this public park, which entailed renovating its furniture, adding new facilities for children and teenagers, and small plazas and well-lit paths, while at the same time carrying out an intense reforestation effort. We did all this with the utmost respect for the natural surroundings and the original architectural structure. The community received the first stage of this development in December 2013 and thousands of families already enjoy it every day at no cost.

Upon its conclusion, the La Silla River Grand Park will result in a linear ecological project covering over 130 hectares along 13 kilometers and linking five public parks in Guadalupe County: La Silla, La Pastora, Tolteca, Pipo, and Ciudad Despierta.

The total investment was MX$3 billion, which will generate more than three thousand direct jobs. The Monterrey Football Club assumed the responsibility of providing maintenance for these facilities for the next 60 years.

The new Stadium is now part of FEMSA’s positive impact on society. We are now providing a new space to foster sports and family time, making this space an ecological, social, and cultural benchmark of international relevance for our state, and transforming this project in an authentic legacy. We begin the celebration of FEMSA’s 125 years of history with the opening of the new Monterrey Football Club Stadium.


About the Monterrey Football Club

WIth 70 years of history, the tenets of the Monterrey Football Club depict the fundaments and commitments of the institution towards its Fans and Community in general. We acknowledge our Fans and our Community as the reason for this institution to exist, and thus this acknowledgement becomes the principles and tenets of the Monterrey Football Club. The Monterrey Football Club is a non-profit institution performing its activities in a responsible manner and constantly looking to increase its material and athletic legacy in order to secure its permanence and viability through time.


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