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FEMSA celebrates and respects diversity and gender identity with various actions and programs


  • FEMSA has diversity, equity and inclusion strategies for the benefit of its more than 350,000 employees, in the 18 countries in which it has a presence.

  • Coca-Cola FEMSA is recognized for the fourth time by the Human Rights Campaign as one of the Best LGBTQIA+ Workplaces due to its multiple programs and actions.

  • At FEMSA Salud Chile, they have a guide to support the gender transition to understand the experience of each person who is in a transition process.

Mexico City, Mexico, June 28, 2023. – On International LGBTQIA+ Pride Day, FEMSA reaffirms its commitment to promote, support, and guarantee the rights of people who belong to the LGBTQIA+ community with actions that seek a positive impact both on their work and social environment.

Through its various business units, FEMSA implements various strategies for the benefit of its more than 350,000 employees in the 18 countries in which it has a presence.

“At FEMSA we value and celebrate who you are, how you identify yourself, and who you love. We invite you to express yourself as you want, because each of your characteristics makes you unique and incomparable. We are aware that members of the LGBTQIA+ community continue to face barriers and discrimination based on social stigmas and that they are also victims of violence, and for this reason we strive to guarantee for them an inclusive work environments in which they can be free just as they are”, said Alessandra Carrascoza, FEMSA’s Manager of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

FEMSA participates in the International Finance Corporation (IFC) program, an organization that is part of the World Bank Group and that has launched the Empresas Mexicanas x la Inclusion (EM-X+) program, an initiative that seeks to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities and people from the LGBTQIA+ community in the labor market in Mexico.

The company has a code of ethics with a reporting line, and its own Code of Ethics with an ethical line for reports and non-discrimination policies. Some of its business units have updated their parenting policies to include same-sex families and awareness, and awareness and education campaigns are carried out to promote inclusive environments.

In its corporate standard for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), FEMSA establishes the bases of values and behaviors for timely management if discriminatory acts are committed for any reason, including issues of gender identity or sexual orientation, for which it has complaint mechanisms. Thus, people are encouraged to raise their hands against any discriminatory act.

Coca-Cola FEMSA

Aligned with its customer-focused culture, Coca-Cola FEMSA believes that differences generate value for the business, which is why it has a diversity, equity and inclusion strategy for all the countries where it is present, valuing diversity in all senses, focusing on each person feeling included and appreciated for their knowledge, behavior, abilities and results, and providing development and recognition opportunities based on their talent.

This has earned it recognition for the fourth year as one of the Best LGBTQIA+ Places to Work by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and HRC Equidad MX: Global Program for Labor Equity. This recognition was the result of the Company’s actions to promote non-discrimination policies, create an Inclusion and Diversity Council, and participate in public activities to support the inclusion of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The company also organizes discussion forums, conversations and panels on Inclusion and Diversity, through which it seeks to eliminate unconscious biases, discuss the right to equality and create awareness.

Coca-Cola FEMSA has continuously improved the incorporation of the LGBTQIA+ communities through its relationship with allies, related groups and awareness and sensitization programs in the countries where it has a presence.


FEMSA Salud Chile offers a guide to support the gender transition and helps promote inclusive workplaces for trans people from the LGBTQIA+ community, avoiding risks of discrimination and allowing personalized and appropriate accompaniment for those who are undergoing a process of gender transition.

With these programs and actions, FEMSA confirms its commitment to the inclusion and development of the LGBTQIA+ community, seeking that all people can feel free, safe and proud of who they are, and can inspire the company and their society with each of their traits.

FEMSA Proximity Division

OXXO México reaffirms its ethical commitment to its more than 150,000 employees, promoting the rights of people who belong to the LGBTQIA+ community so that they can live their sexual orientation and gender identity freely.

Through cultural rituals, both OXXO and OXXO GAS promote Inclusive Leadership, through which they reiterate respect for all people and celebrate the diversity that exists in each and every one of the teams. They act inclusively, with openness and empathy towards different points of view, they raise awareness about unconscious biases and offer tools to manage them in the best way. They also have continuous training programs oriented to Human Dignity, Inclusive Culture, Conversational Skills for Leadership, to name a few.

It also approach the recruitment of its personnel with a focus on the person, in order to attract talent without discriminating by gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or ideologies and promote inclusive spaces free of violence. They also hold monthly dialogues to address issues of inclusion and diversity.

FEMSA Proximity also fosters an environment of trust where everyone can feel free and contribute from their individuality. This year the general theme of the Annual Meeting of Store Leaders and Managers will be “Positive work environments”, with which they seek to impact more than 60,000 employees to sensitize them on how to be inclusive leaders and value differences, learn from their peer , recognize and act accordingly in the face of any discriminatory act and raise their voices through their Ethics Line, from which they can make anonymous complaints.



FEMSA is a leading company that creates economic and social value through companies and institutions and seeks to be the best employer and neighbor of the communities where it has a presence. It participates in retail trade through its Proximity Division, which includes OXXO, a chain of small-format stores, OXXO Gas, a chain of service stations, and Valora, our European retail unit that operates convenience and food service stores. In retail trade, FEMSA also participates through a Health Division, which includes pharmacies and related activities; and the Digital@FEMSA Division, which includes Spin by OXXO and OXXO Premia, as well as other loyalty initiatives and digital financial services. In the beverage industry, it participates by operating Coca-Cola FEMSA, the world’s largest bottler of Coca-Cola products by sales volume; and in the beer sector, as the second largest shareholder of Heineken, one of the world’s leading beer companies with a presence in more than 70 countries. FEMSA also participates in the logistics and distribution industry through FEMSA Strategic Business, which additionally provides refrigeration solutions at the point of sale and plastic solutions to its companies and external clients. Through its Business Units, it employs more than 350,000 employees in 18 countries. FEMSA is a member of the Dow Jones MILA Pacific Alliance Sustainability Index, the FTSE4Good Emerging Index and the S&P/BMV Total México ESG Index, among other indices that assess its sustainability performance.

About Coca-Cola FEMSA

Coca-Cola FEMSA, S.A.B. de C.V. is the largest franchise bottler in the world by sales volume. The company produces and distributes trademark beverages of The Coca-Cola Company, offering a wide portfolio of 134 brands to more than 270 million consumers daily. With over 83 thousand employees, the company markets and sells approximately 3.8 billion unit cases through 2 million points of sale a year. Operating 56 manufacturing plants and 249 distribution centers, Coca-Cola FEMSA is committed to generating economic, social, and environmental value for all of its stakeholders across the value chain. The company is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index, Dow Jones Sustainability MILA Pacific Alliance Index, FTSE4Good Emerging Index, and the Mexican IPC Index and the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Index of the Mexican Stock Exchange, among others. Its operations encompass franchise territories in Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina, and, nationwide, in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Uruguay and Venezuela through its investment in KOF Venezuela. For more information, please visit www.coca-colafemsa.com 

About FEMSA Salud

FEMSA Salud operates small and medium format pharmacy chains in Latin America, including YZA, Farmacon and Moderna pharmacies in Mexico; Green Cross in Colombia and Chile; Fybeca and SanaSana in Ecuador; as well as Maicao, a chain of beauty stores in Chile. It also has a generic drug manufacturing laboratory and a drug wholesaler in Chile.

About FEMSA’s Proximity Division

FEMSA’s Proximity Division generates economic and social value in the countries where it has a presence. It operates different small-format retail chains in Latin America and Europe, among which are the OXXO stores. It also operates service stations under the OXXO GAS brand in Mexico, and Valora, our European retail unit that operates convenience and food service stores. Through its business units, FEMSA’s Proximity Division serves more than 13 million consumers every day and employs more than 160,000 employees, promoting inclusion, diversity, and Sustainability practices in its teams to operate in harmony with the planet, community and value chain.

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