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FEMSA and SEDESOL Strengthen Food Initiative An Inclusive Mexico

Monterrey, Nuevo León, March 29, 2016.- FEMSA’s CEO, Carlos Salazar, and Secretary of Ministry of Social Development, José Antonio Meade, signed a Joint Declaration with the aim of coordinating efforts to promote action on food safety, nutrition, access to water and child welfare for the development of the population.

“It is extremely important for us to collaborate with the authorities in order to create optimal conditions for the population on issues regarding nutrition, welfare and quality of life. That is why we join the signature of this Joint Declaration, to contribute to the care of vulnerable groups and to share knowledge and experience on issues related to logistics and storage. With this we seek to facilitate access to basic food products and improve the efficiency of its supply chain, thus contributing to the welfare of citizens”, said FEMSA’s Chief Executive Officer, Carlos Salazar Lomelín. 

This strategic alliance makes it possible to work in the development of productive inclusion models that improve conditions for the generation of income of the population and elevate the quality of life of Mexican families and promote the abatement of shortcomings. 

“With these actions, the relationship between the Federal Government and the private sector becomes closer, and it is easier to carry out public-private initiatives to combat poverty and shortages of both company workers and of Mexicans. This strategic alliance with FEMSA will promote actions on food safety, nutrition, access to water and child welfare, among others. Also, we will focus our efforts on improving conditions for income generation of the population and thus improve the quality of life for Mexican families”, said Secretary of Social Development, José Antonio Meade.

The agreement also seeks to identify the problems that exist in the chains of production and marketing of food products as well as public policy obstacles on trade, agriculture, health and infrastructure issues. 



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