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FEMSA and ECOFILM Promote Climate Change Awareness

México D.F, October 8, 2015.– When the lights go out, a reality that surpasses any fiction goes on screen: climate change has reached alarming levels, its consequences are devastating and not hopeful at all if the world does not take notice, raise awareness and make a change that will allow for a much more promising future. 

ECOFILM is a platform that invites people to reflect on the importance of making a change for the good of the planet we all live in. Through the festival, which is an initiative of the Man Nature Foundation, in partnership with government institutions, companies and civil organizations, we seek to strengthen the actions that aim to stop climate change and extend the knowledge about the matter, prior to the World Climate Conference (COP21) in Paris. 

“Given the complexity of the problem, it is of vital importance to address the issue of climate change on different fronts and jointly; to address it only on one front is not enough. To reduce and mitigate risks in all levels, the cooperation between government, civil society, international organizations, and the private and academic sector is necessary. Our involvement with Man Nature Foundation and ECOFILM Festival is one of the many efforts FEMSA does with the intention of raising awareness about the environmental problems, which we cannot ignore anymore. We must act now”, said Environmental Sustainability Manager at FEMSA, Luis Fernando Ramírez. 

Aware of this problem, FEMSA has worked on making its operations an example of mitigation and adaptation to this phenomenon. That is why it has implemented several actions that seek to reduce the use of electricity and increase renewable energy, reduce CO2 emissions, use other clean technologies and use alternative fuels. 

Meanwhile, through FEMSA Foundation, more than 58,600 people have been benefited with access to improved water sources through its program Water Ties, which promotes the access to sanitation and better hygiene. Also, eighteen water funds have been created in seven Latin American countries through the Latin American Water Funds Partnership, which has worked in more than 200 thousand hectares of the region, recovering vegetation coverage and helping mitigate climate change. 

With these actions FEMSA seeks to maintain its commitment of positively transform communities, as well as its participation in initiatives such as ECOFILM Festival 2015, a means to raise awareness about environmental protection through short films that encourage citizen participation and promote behavioral changes to improve our surroundings. 

To see the official selection of environmental short films of ECOFILM Festival 2015, you can visit this link: http://ecofilmfestival.org/#/home


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