Coppel Group, FEMSA Foundation, Santander and Soriana create a fund to donate 4 times what they receive to support medical personnel of the health sector - FEMSA
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Coppel Group, FEMSA Foundation, Santander and Soriana create a fund to donate 4 times what they receive to support medical personnel of the health sector


  • With the initial contribution of the four companies and of OXXO and Televisa Foundation, who join the seed capital, the fund has initial resources to donate protection equipment to more than 15 thousand members of the medical personnel, with an estimated end goal of 70 thousand benefitted persons.
  • Mexico demands sensibility and unity of its enterprises in this moment.

Mexico City, Mexico, April 28th, 2020.– Coppel Group, FEMSA Foundation, Santander and Soriana, have agreed to unite to create a donation fund that will give four times what they receive from citizens and whose resources will be focused on the protection of medical personnel of the public health services. In the seed capital input of this fund, OXXO and Televisa Foundation also joined, and will help by promoting this initiative.

With the initial input to the fund from the six companies, an estimated donation to protect the first 15 thousand members of the medical personnel of the health sector will be possible. They will consist of facemasks that fulfill the requirements established by health institutions.

Following its social responsibility policy, these enterprises will ally for the first time to integrate this fund which will receive donations until June the 30th, and whose account information is:



ACOUNT: 65501821470




Donations can be done directly to this account or through the more than 9 thousand ATMs of Santander in all of the country, where every MXN peso donated by the community will be accompanied by four MXN pesos donated by Coppel Group, FEMSA Foundation, Santander and Soriana, until the estimated goal of giving 70 thousand members of the medical personnel protecting equipment is reached. This effort is independent of the support that every company is already giving during the pandemic.

“Mexico demands sensibility and unity of its enterprisese in this momento, which is why in the name of the thousands of collaborators of Coppel Group, FEMSA Foundation, Santander and Soriana, we are integrating this fund to contribute to the sustainability of the health personnel and to reduce their risk of contagion while we also recognize their value and we express our gratitude and solidarity.”

“We have a long-term committment with Mexico and, though every company has its own initiatives, we coincide in this fund whose main message to society is that the only thing we want to spread is solidarity”, Rocio Guerrero Lizarraga, Coppel Group’s Director of Social Responsibility, Lorena Guille-Laris, Director of FEMSA Foundation, Marcela Espinosa Macias, Director of Sustainability of Santander Mexico, Claudia Aguado Hernandez, Subdirector of Soriana Foundation, and Alicia Lebrija Hirschfeld, Televisa Foundation’s Executive President said in a group declaration.

OXXO meanwhile participates in the seed fund with which this account through a donation by Cafe Andatti; on the other hand, Televisa Foundation, besides contributing to the initial fund, will join the initiative by broadcasting it in its spaces, so that the initiative is promoted and to create awareness of the relevance of the work of health professionals in this momento.

The participating companies will inform transparently through its digital media the progress of the fund and the destiny of the resources parting from the benefits of the seed capital and throughout the donation of four MXN pesos for every one donated by the community. The protection equipment for the medical personnel will be delivered directly to the institutions of public healthcare.

The initiative of these six companies will join the efforts of MexicoxMexico, a collective of citizens, organizers and foundations that act and respond to the emergency of COVID-19. For further information consult the website:


It is an entrepreneurial group of Mexican capital created in 1939 in Sinaloa. It is present in all the country’s states and is one of the 10 main employers of Mexico. It is conformed of three business units: Afore Coppel: administers the retirement funds that gives service to 11 million affiliated members and promotes the inclusion of independent workers to the formal system of savings. It has more than 1,500 modules of personalized attention in all the Coppel stores.

BanCoppel: Is a banking institution that offers financial protucts to more than 33 million customers. It has more than 1,155 branch offices in more than 450 cities of the country.

Coppel Stores: it is a chain store that offers a great variety of financial products and services for the popular Mexican market. With more than 1,500 selling ponts and its online site, it offers its customers financing to do their shopping.


Since eleven years ago, FEMSA Foundation generates positive impact in people and communities through social investment projects for sustainability. We seek to ensure water safety and the sustainable use of water in Latin America and we take action to help early childhood development. We have also incorporated the diffusion of Latin American art and culture through the Cultural Program FEMSA. For further information visit the website or follow us on Facebook (FundacionFEMSA) and Twitter (@FundacionFEMSA).


Banco Santander Mexico, S.A., Multiple Banking Institution, Santander Mexico Financial Group, one of the main Banks in Mexico, offers a wide variety of financial products and services, including commercial and individual banking, financial tutoring services, and other investment activities. Banco Santander Mexico offers a platform of financial services focused on the middle and upper segments of the population and to small and medium enterprises. It also gives integrated financial services to the big multinational companies in Mexico. To December 31st, 2019, Banco Santander Mexico had assets for MXN $1.411 billions and more than 18.1 million clients. Based in Mexico City, the company has 1,402 branch offices in all the country and has a total of 19,975 employees.


Soriana Organization, S.A.B de C.V is a Company of the comercial sector in Mexico with a 100% Mexican capital founded in 1968. With a multi-format strategy, Soriana operates 810 service and membership stores, besides those that belong to the convenience chain stores “Super City”. Its shares are listed in the Mexican Stockmarket since 1987 with the blackboard key SORIANA. Social media: @org.soriana and @OrgSoriana


FEMSA is a leading company that generates economic and social value through enterprises and institutions and aims to be the best employer and neighbor of the communities where it is present. It participates in retail trade through FEMSA Comercio, which englobes the Proximity Division, a chain of small stores of which OXXO is a part; a Health Division which includes pharmacies and related activities; and a Fuel Division that operates the OXXO GAS chain of service stations. In the beverage industry it operates Coca-Cola FEMSA, a public bottler of Coca-Cola products; and in the brewer sector it is a stockholder of Heineken, a Company present in more than 70 countries. Additionally, through Strategic Businesses FEMSA, it offers logistics services, refrigeration at selling points and plastic solutions to FEMSA companies and external clients. Through its Business Units it employs approximately 300 thousand collaborators in 13 countries. FEMSA is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability MILA Pacific Alliance Index, the FTSE4Good Emerging Index and the Sustainable Prices and Quotation Index of the Mexican Stock Market, among other indexes that evaluate its performance in sustainability.


In Televisa Foundation we are profoundly committed with the strengthening of the communities of all of Mexico and the investment in its development. Since 19 years ago we have created and supported programs that bring educational opportunities, promote cultural identity, impulse entrepreneurship, care for the environment, foment the participation of the community and attend the aftereffects of natural disasters by offering a great variety of tools, technological platforms and opportunities that shape the life of millions of Mexicans. We take advantage of the wide variety of media platforms of Grupo Televisa to promote campaigns of social awareness and digital platforms that support citizen’s participation. For further information visit

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