Coca-Cola FEMSA’s Recycling Olympics Reward Valley of Mexico Students for Collecting PET - FEMSA
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Coca-Cola FEMSA’s Recycling Olympics Reward Valley of Mexico Students for Collecting PET

Tultitlán, State of Mexico, February 24th, 2017.- As part of the 2016 Recycling Olympics’ award ceremony, the #467 Official Secondary School “Lic. Adolfo López Mateos”, located in the municipality of Tultitlán, was awarded first place in the “Volume” category for third consecutive year, for having collected more than 18,000 kilograms of PET, while “Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla” kindergarten, from the municipality of Lerma, won first place in the “Per Capita” category, for recollecting the most PET Per student, reaching a figure of 142 kilograms Per student.

The winning schools received screens and computers on behalf of Coca-Cola FEMSA, which will enrich the students’ educational experiences. The 2016 Recycling Olympics are part of the sustainability actions the bottler carries out in favor of the environment and the communities where it operates. Through these actions, like promoting the proper use of waste, the company seeks to generate economic, social and environmental value.

“We are fully committed to the care and preservation of the environment, that’s why we have initiatives such as the Recycling Olympics and programs like I recycle!, through which we seek to foster a culture of recycling among children and teenagers. These actions include emptying PET bottles, crushing them and placing them in suitable containers to be processed correctly and produce new products, thus generating social and environmental value in the Valley of Mexico”, said Marketing Executive for Coca-Cola FEMSA, Yahaira García Valencia.

353 schools from Mexico City and the State of Mexico participated in this Recycling Olympics’ edition. In all, they were able to collect more than 154 tons of PET, which will be transported to the Mexican Recycling Industry (IMER), located in the State of Mexico, to be processed and reused in their production lines.
According to ECOCE (Ecology and Business Commitment), Mexico has the lead in PET collection and recycling in America, with 50.4% of the national consumption being equivalent to 722 thousand tons, surpassing countries like United States, Canada and Brazil.



  1. Official Secondary School #0467 “Lic Adolfo López Mateos”:18,001 kg
  2. EPO High School #29: 15,192 kg
  3. Ofic. Anexa a la Normal de Amecameca High Scool: 12,048 kg
  4. #58 High School: 10,542 kg
  5. CBT Gabriel V. Alcocer: 6,979 kg



  1. J.N. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla: 141.5 kg
  2. Telebachillerato Comunitario No. 47: 125.5 kg
  3. J.N. Amado Nervo, 102.7 kg
  4. Esc. Sec. Ofic. No. 0547 “Dr. Gustavo Baz Prada”, 85.4 kg
  5. Escuela Primaria Sentimientos de la Nación, 81.5 kg


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