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Coca-Cola FEMSA Recovers 7 Out of 10 Coolers Reaching End of Useful Life

Bárbara Correa

  • The coolers that Coca-Cola FEMSA withdraws from the market are sent to the EOS – REPARE plant in San Juan del Río, Querétaro, to evaluate and recover parts that are still useful.
  • From now on, users and customers will be able to identify coolers that include recovered and/or recycled functional parts and promote reutilization culture through a label.

Mexico City. May 17, 2022.- In line with its purpose of generating economic, social, and environmental value in the communities in which it operates, Coca-Cola FEMSA promotes the reuse, recovery, and correct disposal of components and parts of coolers used in points of sale, promoting the circular economy and care of the planet.

Through Imbera and EOS – REPARE, companies of FEMSA Strategic Business, a comprehensive scheme has been established for each stage of the life of the cooling equipment, with the possibility of reincorporating components when they are no longer functional and taking advantage of them to repair and/or produce other equipment.

Up to 70% of the Coca-Cola FEMSA coolers that are withdrawn from the market due to obsolescence are sent to the EOS – REPARE plant in San Juan del Río, Querétaro, for evaluation and destruction, where the parts that are still useful are used. In this plant, up to 99% of the parts of those refrigerators that have reached the end of their useful life are recovered, repaired, reused, or recycled. This scheme has enabled the reuse of nearly 57,000 cooler parts in 25,277 new pieces of equipment.

“Parts recovery is part of our commitment to the circular economy, a key element of our sustainability strategy at the heart of our business,” explained Catherine Reuben, Corporate Affairs Director at Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico.

“At EOS, we are committed to the circular economy and its benefits, so we started working on the reuse of cooler parts even before there was legislation. Currently, the process has become more sophisticated. We have tracked all the parts that we reuse to know where they come from and where they are placed,” added Laura Osornio, head of Operations at EOS Final Disposal Operations.

This process is part of a wide-ranging project promoted by Coca-Cola FEMSA, focused on reducing the carbon footprint of operations. Until now, the reuse of parts has allowed the saving of emissions of more than 1.8 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and the processing of more than 3,500 tons of materials, which drives us to reduce emissions by 2030.

From now on, all the coolers intervened with recovered parts can be identified with a sticker that allows users and customers to know that they are supporting the circular economy and care for the environment with their decisions. In a subsequent stage, the design of parts and equipment will facilitate their traceability and recovery from manufacturing.

For reuse purposes, cooler parts are divided into 19 families that are used either in other equipment or are sold to other industries. Among the components with greater circularity are hinges, LED lights, hoppers, heels or legs, doors, and grills, among others.


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