Coca-Cola FEMSA maintains a sustainable growth rate with the new plant in Brazil - FEMSA
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Coca-Cola FEMSA maintains a sustainable growth rate with the new plant in Brazil

Mexico City. June 11, 2015. – Coca-Cola FEMSA opened today its new bottling plant in Brazil. The facilities have an extension of 65,000 square meters and US$258 million were invested in its construction. The plant is characterized by its production capacity, the use of state-of-the-art technology, and for having the largest number of sustainable initiatives in the Coca-Cola System.

The Brazilian plant is located in the county of Itabirito, in the state of Minas de Gerais. It joins the nine production centers that the company has in the country, which supply 37% of the total volume of products consumed in Brazil. In addition, this manufacturing facility has a production capacity for 2.1 billion liters per year, which Coca-Cola FEMSA intends to use to increase its production volume in the county by more than 50%.

“We are proud to open our green plant in Itabirito, thus reaffirming the importance the Brazilian market represents for Coca-Cola FEMSA. Currently, we have presence in over six states in the country and we have 328 thousand points of sale, 72 million consumers, and serve over 1,750 counties and 30% of the country’s cities. We have more than twenty thousand employees working in ten manufacturing plants and thirty-eight distribution centers in addition to a fleet of 2,500+ vehicles, making our operation in Brazil number one for Coca-Cola FEMSA and the second largest worldwide for our company,” said John Santa Maria, CEO of Coca-Cola FEMSA.

During the plant’s construction, we recycled close to 70% of the waste it produced; we allowed only the use of materials with low rates of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs,) as well as wood and floors with green certification (FSC and FloorScore). In regards to water, the optimization of industrial processes will help our goal of converting every 1.4 liters of water used in production into 1 liter of product. 

“The new Itabirito plant meets Coca-Cola FEMSA’s commitment to responsible environmental practices, it will become the largest green factory of the Coca-Cola System in Brazil. We have been particularly careful in regards to construction and operation norms based on environmental sustainability, paying attention to the selection of the plant’s location as well as the impact it will bear on the community,” said Jose Ramon Martinez, CEO of Coca-Cola FEMSA Brazil.

It is worth noticing the technological implementations that the Brazilian plant will integrate in the county of Itabirito, with practices that focus on energy efficiency through shared energy generation, solar power, and natural lightning inside the factory; and water treatment with the integration and use of residual rainwater and its reutilization.

Under the vision of providing a positive transformation for the communities where Coca-Cola FEMSA is present, the launching of the new plant in Brazil looks to boost the economic and social development of the region. Currently, the plant in Itabirito employs close to 600 people and will generate 6,300 direct and indirect jobs in Minas Gerais, which is conducive for attracting new industries to the region. Additionally, we have increased the participation of mineiros suppliers from 6% to 51%.

Coca-Cola FEMSA strengthens its support and commitment to the county of Itabirito with diverse community-oriented programs.

Since 2011, the company – through its Sustainability Platform – has promoted in Brazil initiatives that focus on water conservation, economic development, environmental care, and community integration. 


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