Coca-Cola FEMSA announces successful pricing of the first sustainability-linked bonds in the Mexican market - FEMSA
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Coca-Cola FEMSA announces successful pricing of the first sustainability-linked bonds in the Mexican market


Mexico City, Mexico – September 21, 2021 – Coca-Cola FEMSA, S.A.B. de C.V. (BMV: KOF UBL; NYSE: KOF) (“Coca-Cola FEMSA” or the “Company”), announces the successful pricing of the first sustainabilitylinked bonds in the Mexican market for a total of Ps. 9,400 million.

The Company priced bonds at a fixed rate of 7.36% (Mbono+0.34%) for an amount of Ps. 6,965 million due in 7 years, and bonds at a variable rate of TIIE + 0.05% for an amount of Ps. 2,435 million due in 5 years. Both pricings received a credit rating of HR AAA by HR Ratings de México, S.A. de C.V. and by Moody’s de México, S.A. de C.V.

“These sustainability-linked bonds strengthen our commitment to refresh our consumers anytime and anywhere in a sustainable way. As part of this vision, improving our water use ratio is of the utmost importance and we are very proud to support our ambitious targets with public commitments that will allow us to continue creating social and environmental value as well as a positive inertia to all our industry”, said John Santa Maria Otazua, CEO of Coca-Cola FEMSA.

The net proceeds from these pricings will be used for debt refinancing.

In a sustainability-linked bond, the issuing company commits to achieve certain targets related to its sustainable initiatives, however unlike a green bond, the net proceeds are not limited to finance these objectives.

As part of its strategy, the Company currently achieved a water use ratio of 1.49 liters of water used per liter of beverage produced, and as part of these bonds, the Company commits to achieve a water use ratio of 1.36 by 2024 and 1.26 by 2026. The bonds are subject to the achievement of these sustainability key performance indicators, which will be verified by an independent third party, and in the event that such indicators are not met by the dates established in the pricing documents, the interest rate will increase by 25 basis points to remain at 7.61% and TIIE + 0.30% respectively.

With this sustainable financing strategy, Coca-Cola FEMSA aims to address one of the most important issues where it considers that it can generate the most positive environmental impact: the efficient and sustainable use of water. The sustainability-linked bonds will allow Coca-Cola FEMSA to complement the financing alternatives with high environmental standards, enhancing the investments previously committed in the Company’s green bond issued in international markets.

As part of this issuance, the Company published a Sustainability Linked Bonds Framework, which is aligned with the 2020 Sustainability Linked Bonds Principles (“SLBP”), as administered by the International Capital Market Association. This Framework includes certain Key Indicators of Sustainability Performance for the Company, which are aligned with its strategic sustainability priorities for 2030. Additionally, the Company obtained a second-party opinion from Sustainalytics US, Inc., in accordance with the industry best practices.

Information on key indicators, the Sustainability-Linked Bonds Framework and the Second-Party Opinion independent is available at:


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