Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola FEMSA confirm their commitment to the environment during World Recycling Day - FEMSA
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Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola FEMSA confirm their commitment to the environment during World Recycling Day

Mexico City, May 14, 2015.– The Coca-Cola System in Mexico endeavor to benefit the environment, making efforts to develop sustainable containers that offer value after being used, and promoting the recycling industry. These actions have positioned it as the largest food-grade PET recycler in Latin America. Currently, it has two bottle-to-bottle PET recycling plants: IMER – the first plant in its category ever built in Latin America, and PetStar, the largest plant in its sector in the world; together, these plants can process 90,000 tons of PET per year, which equals 4.4 billion bottles or 3.4 full stadiums the size of Azteca Arena in Mexico City.

With an investment exceeding US$125 million dedicated to developing infrastructure in its two plants, the Coca-Cola System also processes almost half of the PET recycled in the country, positioning Mexico as one of the largest food-grade PET recycling countries in the world. 

In regards to Coca-Cola FEMSA, the company has promoted environmental awareness since 2009 with its program “I Recycle,” in which children, teenagers, teachers, and parents work as a team to gather PET. This initiative has generated immediate and positive benefits in the environment, by influencing energy savings of up to 75% in the production of recycled resin in comparison to the production of virgin resin.

During a 5-year period, this program has gathered 2,712 tons –equivalent to recovering 1,300+ tons of oil. “Coca-Cola FEMSA finds it essential to have sustainable projects that benefit our planet while engaging and raising awareness among the community; such is the case of “I Recycle.” So far, this project has achieved a participation of more than 1,375,000 people in the regions of Valle de Mexico, Tamaulipas, and Veracruz. This makes us proud and serves as a perfect example of our contribution to the culture of recycling,” said Mr. Armando Leyva, Director of Corporate Affairs Mexico.

The Coca-Cola System in Mexico invites all of us to make a positive difference in the world by celebrating World Recycling Day, and recycling PET containers following the four easy steps that initiate the “Virtuous Cycle of Recycling,” which facilitates the processing of the containers and the subsequent incorporation of the recycled material into new bottles.

Besides Mexico, communities from Argentina, Costa Rica, and Colombia have benefitted from Coca-Cola FEMSA’s programs that promote the collection and recycling of plastic containers, as well as from the better usage and handling of waste. These programs look to raise greater awareness about the importance of caring for the environment. 


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Coca-Cola FEMSA, S.A.B. de C.V. manufactures and distributes Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Del Valle, and other products of The Coca-Cola Company brands in Mexico (a substantial part of Central Mexico, including Mexico City, and South and Northeast Mexico,) Guatemala (Greater Guatemala City,) Nicaragua (nationwide,) Costa Rica (nationwide,) Panama (nationwide,) Colombia (most of the country,) Venezuela (nationwide,) Brazil (Sao Paulo, Campinas, Santos, the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, the state of Parana, part of the state of Goias, part of the state of Rio de Janeiro, and part of the state of Minas Gerais,) Argentina (Greater Buenos Aires,) and The Philippines (nationwide,) in addition to bottled water, juice, tea, isotonic beverages, beer, and other beverages in some of these territories.  The Company has 67 bottling plants and serves 338+ million consumers through 2,800,000 retailers and 120+ thousand employees throughout the world.

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