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andatti Coffee: Ten Years of Delighting Mexico’s Palate

México, D.F., September 29th, 2015.– Under the frame of International Coffee Day, andatti celebrates a decade of flavor in Mexico, providing quality and innovation in each of the products coffee lovers taste every day to delight their palates.

In addition to satisfying its customers, andatti has made a valuable relationship with the coffee communities of Veracruz, Chiapas and Oaxaca, strengthening its growth for the mutual development and promotion of coffee consumption.  

“The growth and penetration of this delicious product is the result of the care that we put in our production processes, the people that are part of the team that creates this innovative product, nature itself, and the communities where we produce it. The mixture of these elements has resulted in clients preferring andatti for its wide variety of products: from coffee beans, soluble coffee, canned coffee, and also a wide range of unique flavors in Cappuccinos that we have launched during this decade and that are now present in all our stores nationwide”, said andatti’s Brand Manager at OXXO, Aiko Fujimura. 

andatti gets a unique balance of body, aroma and acidity due to the fact that it is grown in the best coffee growing areas of Veracruz, Chiapas and Oaxaca, at altitudes of 650-900 meters. It has earned the Premium Coffee Label for being made with a blend of Arabica beans and French toast, which influences its color, freshness and aroma. 

The Brand also has a wide variety of coffee to go, such as American Classic, Decaffeinated, and Intense; unique flavors in Cappuccinos such as Classic, Vanilla, Mocha Splenda, No Sugar, Latte, Cinnamon, Mocha, and the new Caramel Macchiato; as well as different options of chocolates. 

Throughout ten delicious years, andatti has positioned itself as one of the favorite 100% Mexican beverages in the country, as costumers have at their disposal a wide range of flavors ready to be served and enjoyed in all OXXO stores nationwide.


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