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Alfredo Jaar Gave a Master Lecture as Part of XII FEMSA Biennial Program

Monterrey, Nuevo León, January 27th, 2017.– After having intervened different public spaces, Alfredo Jaar visited Monterrey city to give out his Studies on Happiness lecture as part of his participation in XII FEMSA Biennial Curatorial Program.

Poetics of Decrease. How to live better with less?, which is the title of XII FEMSA Biennial Curatorial Program, reflects on the relationship between contemporary art and recent economic and ecological policies, through three platforms: the Lugar Común Residence, the exhibition and the public program Biennials! How and for whom?

The Curatorial Program brings in deep questions about our lifestyles regarding the environment and the consumption economy. Among the artists that take part in this initiative is Alfredo Jaar, who resumed his Studies on Happines project (1979-1981), through which he intervened Horno 3 Steel Museum’s ceiling (it is the first time he intervenes a historical building) and the Lugar Común Residence’s façade, with the phrase “¿Es usted feliz?” (“Are you happy?”)

Thanks to Horno 3 Steel Museum’s support, this phrase can be read in different spots of Monterrey city’s metropolitan area: in both of the aforementioned places, at various bus stop mupis and in two billboards. In addition, visitors can see photographic records of the project at XII FEMSA Biennial exhibition, at the Generadores building.

Studies on Happines (1979-1981) consisted of a series of interventions, performances, videos, interviews and photographic records that Jaar made in Chile for research on the concept of happiness in the contemporary society, comparing it with what the media, advertising and social convention pointed out during the military dictatorship.

Urban Interventions in Monterrey:

Alfredo Jaar

Studies on Happiness, 2016

  • Lugar Común Residence’s façade
  • Horno 3 Steel Musem

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