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FEMSA’s Strategic Sustainability Framework is based on the priorities and issues that are most important to our business and the stakeholders with whom we engage. Our key stakeholder groups include employees, consumers, suppliers, shareholders, government entities, community members and NGOs. Additional stakeholder groups include industry experts, peer companies and the media.

We first conducted a company-wide materiality analysis in 2012, which included an analysis of our business strategy, emerging risks, industry trends and best practices, and direct engagement with FEMSA business-unit executives and other external stakeholder representatives. We identified 19 focus topics, which correspond to nine action areas across our three pillars. We engage our stakeholders on an ongoing basis throughout the year to confirm and update our material issues assessment. Because each of our business units is distinct, we have now begun the process of conducting materiality analyses by business unit, beginning with Coca-Cola FEMSA, OXXO, Solistica, Imbera and PTM.

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