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Our achievements are the result of the sum of actions with long-term vision, based on their own philosophy based on values​​, human and social principles, and work as a guide to transcend and serve the community.

Our Sustainability Strategy long term helps us to maximize and strengthen existing sustainability initiatives , align and focus efforts strategically , manage and mitigate the impact of our products , services and activities , and better adapt to a constantly changing environment and to promote the positive transformation of our communities.


Sustainability Policy

Sustainability policy FEMSA is the vehicle through which sustainability issues are managed. It is our policy to generate economic , social and environmental necessary to operate and grow in harmony with the environment conditions, so that each business unit should be integrated into your Business Plan Sustainability Strategy based on ethics and values ​​FEMSA , focused on people, planet and community.


Sustainability Scheme

Our Sustainability Strategy is represented in a diagram in the shape of a tree, which has the axis based our Ethics and Values ​​form the roots. Lives and grows through three main axes in which Our People and Our Planet are directly related to our business activities , while the shaft Our community includes those actions we take together with other institutions as part of our environment . Each of the axes , simulates tree branches and leaves represent our areas of action through which we focus our efforts .

Explore our interactive diagram to learn more about our pillars and action areas.


Community Development
Healthy Lifestyles
Sustainable Sourcing
Our Community


Culture and Values
Comprehensive Development
Training and development
Our People


Waste and Recycling
Our Planet


Our ethics and values
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