Provide professional development opportunities regardless of gender, age or nationality, as well people with disabilities.



With disabilities working in FEMSA Comercio in 2015


Working in FEMSA in 2015

At FEMSA we are building a diverse and inclusive to attract, develop and retain talented internal and external organization. The processes to achieve this goal are based on the respectful relationship with employees, customers , suppliers and global communities as well as in compliance with the laws and cultural customs.

Convinced that the above ensures that our operations are sustainable because of the capabilities of the best professionals, we have worked since 2011 in the planning and development of the Diversity Model, which includes six areas of action :

  • Gender equality
  • People with disabilities
  • ethnicity
  • age
  • sexual orientation
  • Socio- cultural integration

As for gender equity, gender balance we promote the workforce development plans for women. Similarly, to promote hiring people with disabilities and work to make our workforce has the talent and experience of employees from different generations.

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