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We operate in healthy, safe and optimal environmental conditions enabling sustainable community development and FEMSA environments simultaneously.

The demand for natural resources increases and the impacts generated by the inefficient use of resources is a risk factor for all human beings. Therefore, in FEMSA we have implemented concrete actions that allow us to mitigate the impact of our operations on the environment. 

The rector Our Planet axis has three areas of action through which we focus our efforts.

Action Areas


Water care is a key factor for our business. Therefore, we perform actions focused on increasing efficiency in their use, recycling and reuse search, treating wastewater, act on water conservation in watershed and create a culture of care with a vision of water term.


Our strategy focuses on three areas: increasing energy efficiency of our operations, diversify the energy portfolio and improve transport efficiency. 

We continue to develop initiatives to reduce energy consumption for our operations generate less greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Waste and recycling

We seek mechanisms that increase efficiency in the use of materials, promote optimal provision and recycling. We promote reduction of materials used in the packaging of our products as well as packaging and containers, without implying we still meet strict standards to protect the product.

Relevant Data

US Million Dollars
invested in minimizing the environmental impact of our operations in 2017
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