Work focusing our efforts on projects ranging from exploration of new ideas to improve the lives of communities to cooperation platforms scalable solutions that greatly impact on a regional level.

At FEMSA Foundation work with organizations to create programs focused on conservation and sustainable use of water through our area of ​​Sustainable Development of Water Resources. Approach also solutions with a focus on nutrition education and research in the area through nutrigenomics Quality of Life.



Being an instrument of social investment that supports the conservation and sustainable use of water and improving the quality of life in the community through education, science and technology applied. 



It is a responsible driver and edgy social development, considered by his allies as a good strategic partner providing solutions and whose programs are international reference in their fields.



Build social value in the long term. 

Establish strategic alliances with national and international organizations related to multiply positive impacts. 

Focus efforts on solutions that bring momentous changes that endure over time. 

Support the creation of institutions and / or permanent and sustainable projects that benefit the communities where we work.