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We look to bring solutions for the conservation and sustainable use of water, meeting the needs of the communities and ecosystems not only for the present but also for future generations

To talk about water is to talk of the present, but above all, of the future. A future that cannot wait, a future that requires our immediate attention.

Water is a key element in the gearing that moves ecosystems. And it goes beyond vegetable and animal life: it means human life, its development and prosperity.

Protecting our water sources and using them in a proper manner benefits us all. From the smallest of plants up to large scaled agricultural fields that provide food for thousands of people.

From small towns up to big cities, their companies and their governments.

FEMSA Foundation, for the past five years, has been investing in projects focused on the conservation and sustainable use of water. Furthermore, we learn and share successful practices on regional platforms that allow us to help ensure its availability, quality and proper management.