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Born in 1979, we design and manage more than 130 brands and forms to meet demand in a growing base of customers.

In 1979, a subsidiary of FEMSA acquired number of beverage bottling companies. At the time there were 13 distribution centers and with an output capacity of 83 million unit cases per year. This initial operation became, 40 years later, the largest Coca-Cola products bottling in the franchise in the world, whereby we serve 290 million consumers, merchandising 3.3 billion unit cases per year through the 2 million points of sale we serve. All this thanks to the daily efforts of all the men and women who work for us in Latin America.

We work closely with The Coca-Cola Company to design and manage an attractive portfolio of brands and sizes responding to the particular dynamics of our markets and encourage demand in a growing number of clients and consumers. Thus, our clients get the chance to buy any of the 131 brands of beverages and other non-carbonated drinks we sell.

Our operations encompass franchise territories in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina, and nationwide in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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Brands ofCoca-Cola FEMSA

Brands of Coca-Cola FEMSA