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The Center promotes the development of solutions and shares best practices regarding the sustainable management of water through training, research, and data integration.






Since its creation in 2008, many are the projects that have been materialized and the initiatives that have been consolidated, but the CDA’s achievements can be summarized in three great topics.

First, the results from the research and development programs. Its students and teachers have collaborated with universities and research centers throughout the world looking to solve problems and find solutions regarding water for companies and governments.

Second, we have created very high-level resources. A great number of teachers and doctors have published articles and opinions of great impact among the scientific community. Furthermore, all along our history we have over 1,700 water professionals from over 280 companies, educational institutions, and operating agencies in over 20 countries.

Lastly, the teamwork of different actors allows us to have a greater impact on the solution of water problems. We are focusing efforts on decision making through technological tools in order to simulate scenarios that consider the diverse factors of the issues for accomplishing interdisciplinary solutions.

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