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We support the generation of new knowledge in genomics-linked nutrition as well as advancement in the development and design of food and innovation in food technologies.


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Since 2010, FEMSA Foundation promotes the creation of capacities and research development applied to nutrition through the Nutrigenomics Research Chair of FEMSA’s Biotechnology Center at the Tecnológico de Monterrey. This Chair looks to create new platforms for the development of personalized foods, and diagnosis and detection strategies for some chronic degenerative illnesses.

We seek to generate knowledge related to nutrition through a model that integrates science, technology, and business.

We work to link genomics and advance in the development and design of foods as well as in the innovation of food technology.

The Cathedra has three focus areas :

  • Assessing food impact on the genes-health interaction
  • Emergent food technologies and bioprocesses
  • Genetic design and generation of new products

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