11 Apr 2014

Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma and FEMSA Foundation received the Corporate Water Stewardship Award at The Global Water Summit 2014 in Paris

Friday, 04/11/2014, 6:59:31 am

  • Representatives from both entities received this award in recognition to their efforts towards determining water’s key role in the sustainable economic growth, winning 30% of a live audience vote

Mexico City, April 10th, 2014.- Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma (CM) and Fundación FEMSA (FEMSA Foundation) received the Water Stewardship 2014 at the Global Water Summit 2014 in Paris, France, for the implementation of their “Water balancing” strategy in the northern State of Nuevo Leon. The “Water balancing program” is a group of innovative solutions undertaken through the Metropolitan Monterrey Water Fund (Fondo de Agua Metropolitano de Monterrey, FAMM).

The Global Water Summit, organized by the Global Water Intelligence, is the most important business conference for the global water industry. “Water for Growth” was the selected theme for this 2014 edition, and the awards were granted considering twelve different categories that aim at recognizing the work of both private and public organizations towards water conservation. The nominated water stewardship projects have been carefully selected for demonstrating company-wide commitment to sustainable policy and real commercial return for the bottom line. CM and FEMSA Foundation received this award thanks to their joint endeavors towards protecting the natural sources of fresh water through the above-mentioned Water Fund.

CM’s, FEMSA Foundation Project was selected among six initiatives presented by a variety of private companies from Switzerland, Canada, India, South Africa and Pakistan. The “water balancing” strategy received 30% of the live audience vote. The project was awarded taking into account its integral water protection approach, both on and off their operation process. It also observes a strategic definition and mitigation measures such as reducing water usage in the production process , rain water capturing and water treatment. The Project also includes the work achieved by FAMM in the different critical zones to recharge the San Juan River watershed.

“As the greenest brewer, our relationship with water is one of our top priorities and a pillar in our strategy for growth”, commented Nina Mayagoitia, Senior Manager for Communication and Sustainability at Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, who received this award on behalf the company. “That is why we have joined this Fund, which contributes to reducing water stress in theMonterrey metropolitan area while also improving the water balancing that HEINEKEN has defined as one of the corporate commitments for Mexico and for the rest of the world”, Mayagoitia said.

She also commented that the operation in Mexico has surpassed the global goal established by HEINEKEN for year 2020, which pursues a ratio of 3.7 lts of water per 1 lt of beer produced. “Nowadays we use only 3.6 lts and I can affirm that our mitigation programmes have succeeded in making our operation more efficient by using that volume of water”.

Vidal Garza, President of FEMSA Foundation stated: “It is of the utmost relevance for FEMSA Foundation to create strategic alliances towards multiplying the positive impact of significant programs and initiatives. The FAMM is a testimonial of what can be achieved through synergies created among diverse entities to generate, at the same time, economic, social and environmental values in our different communities. This award, in several ways, validates our model and encourages us to continue innovating, both with tools and platforms to contribute in the preservation and sustained use of water”.

The Monterrey Metropolitan Water Fund (FAMM) is a multi-sectorial organization which, through joint investments amounting to approximately 5 million dollars, aims to preserve the San Juan River Basin in the long-term. This is a water source for more than 4 million people in Monterrey and its metropolitan zone. The FAMM gathers more than 50 different organizations –companies, governments, universities and non-government organizations. They contribute in different ways to support and enhance conservation initiatives, such as reforestation, construction of flood prevention barriers, erosion barriers and dams, with clear and defined objectives:

• Prevent floods.

• Improve water infiltration.

• Raise a higher level of awareness about the importance of water among community members

• Increase the amount of public investment towards this Basin.

Estimates indicate that the flow of funds injected by Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma could cause FAMM to recover 1,300 hectares of forest and shrub lands that currently show a high level of degradation.
Each year, the Global Water Summit brings together more than 500 leaders and delegates from around the world: Ministers, top executives and best practitioners from different sectors to discuss the risks and opportunities related to water shortage and contamination, as well as climate changes and the potential of the companies to contribute towards recovering the global environment balance.

About Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma
Established in 1890, Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma is the most innovative beer company in Mexico. It has six plants for beer production, three for packaging and bottle caps and one malt plant. In May, 2010, Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma integrated with Heineken, the largest European beer group, the third largest worldwide in terms of volume, and the one with the widest presence internationally. Heineken has a portfolio of over 250 different brands at the global level, including Heineken®, the most valuable Premium brand in the world. Other brands included in its portfolio are: Tecate, Tecate Light, Sol, INDIO, Dos Equis, Heineken®, Bohemia, Superior, Kloster, Coors Light, Strongbow and Noche Buena. For more information, visit

About FEMSA Foundation
FEMSA Foundation is a social investment instrument that supports both the conservation and the sustained use of water as a resource to improve the quality of life of the community. This is achieved by fostering education, science and applied technology.

Its Sustained Hydric Resources Development area channels resources to projects aimed to protect fresh water sources while encouraging its adequate and responsible use. It also promotes sanitation and hygiene practices not only for present generations, but for the future ones. This area is divided into three Programs: Preservation of Watersheds, Water and Sanitation, and the Construction of Capabilities and Applied Investigation. FEMSA Foundation also has a dedicated area to preserve Quality of Life, to promote those projects oriented towards improving nutrition and health among our communities. The Programs supported by this area are: Education for Nutrition and Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles, and the Construction of Capabilities and Applied Investigation. For more information, visit www.fundacionfemsa.org

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