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We are convinced that the success of FEMSA is the result of the talent of our employees.

Therefore dedicated efforts to provide programs and tools to develop fully. Our first axis of sustainability focuses on creating the best conditions for having a work environment based on respect, where people can grow and perform. 

The axis rector Our People has three areas of action through which we focus our efforts.

Action Areas

Culture and Values

Encourage our employees an ethical culture through attitudes and actions that positively contribute to our growth as a company as well as the welfare of our families and communities. 
We have a work culture based on values ​​we practice since our founding, which although has adapted over time, we have always remained firmly based on the principle of respect for human dignity, which is above any consideration economical.

Training and development

We firmly believe that the performance of our employees is closely linked to their personal and professional growth. We consider the work as a means of human fulfillment by which it is possible to transcend. Therefore, we provide development platforms to gain knowledge, develop skills and prepare for excellent performance. 

To generate strategies and growth plans and compensation, we evaluate our employees under different methodologies depending on the business unit or organizational level they occupy.

Comprehensive development

Our Social Development System is based on six elements: 

1. history FEMSA 
2. Humanist philosophy 
3. Social Policy for Development 
4. Programs aligned to the seven dimensions for Integral Development and Quality of Life 
5. International Association of Contributors 
6. Vocal Leader 

The seven dimensions for Integral Development and Quality of Life ensure that programs offered focus on strengthening, values​​, family integration, health and sport, economic, social, employment and educational aspects.

Relevant Data

US Million Dollars
invested in the professional and personal growth of our employees in 2017
in all of our business units
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