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Our Mission and Vision

We have established a Mission, Vision and Values that lead our path and set the guidelines for planning strategies and projects aimed for success to attract and satisfy consumer demand, consistently generate economic value and greater social development for our shareholders.


Generate social and economic value through companies and institutions.

    We generate economic value through designing, building and scaling mass business models, which enable us to meet our costumers’ daily needs in a distinguished and efficient manner.
    We generate social value contributing to the improvement of the communities we serve through our actions, the comprehensive development of our employees, and with value proposals that generate well-being.


Our focus towards accomplishing our mission can only be compared with our passion to achieve our strategic goals:

  • Be the best owner, partner and operator of our businesses in the long term

  • Aspire to double the value of our business every 5 years

  • Be leaders in the markets where we operate

  • Be the best employer and neighbor to the communities in which we operate

Our Values

We live up our commitment with a sense of belonging and responsibility in our actions and through our values, which are relevant part of the organization and provide the foundation for the development of standards on which our decisions and actions are based.

A FEMSA employee generates a great impact, always seeks to transcend, places the greater good of the organization above his or her own professional goals, and excels for his or her:

  • Integrity and Respect: Is honest in his or her behavior and maintains a respectful and dignified treatment with all the people.

  • Sense of Responsibility: Is committed. Measures, acknowledge and takes responsibility of his or her actions.

  • Humbleness and Service Attitude: Perceives that everyone is valuable and important, is always willing to collaborate and serve for the organization’s benefit.

  • Passion for Learning: Is in constant pursuit of learning and new challenges that allows him or her to develop continuously in a dynamic environment.

The way our employees work, reinforces / develops FEMSA’s distinctive capabilities and enables our strategy

  • Customer Focus: Is always in the search of improve our value proposition and the experience of our customers.

  • Commitment to Excellence: Is focused on continuous improvement to reach excellence and create value.

  • Innovation-Oriented: Constantly questions the status quo to positively transform our business model.

  • Collaborative Aptitude and Willingness: Develops the best working teams and generates coordinated efforts through systemic thinking to enable our customers.

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