Take advantage of the benefits of the center for journalists FEMSA

The way forward is defined by our Mission, Vision and Values. To attract and meet consumer demand consistently generating financial value for our stockholders, as well as a higher social growth. We have established a mission, a vision and values that are both our beacons and guidelines to plan strategies and projects in the pursuit of success.


Generate social and economic value through companies and institutions.


Our focus towards accomplishing our mission can only be compared with our passion to achieve our strategic goals:

  • Be the best owner, partner and operator of our businesses in the long term

  • Aspire to double the value of our business every 5 years

  • Be leaders in the markets where we operate

  • Be the best employer and neighbor to the communities in which we operate


A FEMSA collaborator generates a great impact, always seeks to transcend, puts the organization above his/her own professional goals, and excels for:

  • Integrity and Respect: generates, inspires, and evokes confidence in his/her work and in him/herself

  • Sense of Responsibility: is committed. Measures, recognizes and is responsible for his/her actions

  • Humbleness and Service Attitude: never pretends to be superior to others, and is always willing to collaborate and serve

  • Passion for Learning: is constantly seeking knowledge and new challenges to develop in a dynamic environment

The way our collaborators work, supports / develops the distinctive capabilities of FEMSA and enables our strategy

  • Customer Focus: always looking to improve our value proposition and our customers' experience

  • Commitment to Excellence: focus on continuous improvement to achieve excellence / efficiencies and generate value

  • Competence and Collaboration: develop the best working teams and generates coordinated efforts to enable our customers in a differentiated manner

  • Entrepreneurship Spirit: constantly questioning the status quo to positively transform our business model

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