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The Cuauhtemoc Ideology is an indispensable guide in FEMSA

Eugenio Garza Sada not only directed the company in a very significant stage, but also based his decisions on a number of principles and concepts he developed through the years, which he called the “Cuauhtémoc Ideology”. This ideology is increasingly embraced in FEMSA, where we use it as an essential guide for our professional and personal growth.

Due to the role they may have played in the success of the Corporation and mention it in a spontaneous, timely and public manner. To take credit for that, to attribute to oneself the merit that belongs to those who work through their own self-motivation, would be an ignoble act, it would cut off a source of affection and would not allow the executive to behave as he should.
One should have the ability to peacefully and reasonably resolve any problem or situation, regardless of how irritating the provocations may be that must be tolerated. He who is not capable of controlling his own impulses and expressions, cannot act as a leader of a corporation. The true executive abdicates the right to get mad.
Do not make fun of anyone or anything. Avoid jokes that hurt or those with double meanings. Keep in mind the damage that sarcasm causes; it never heals.
Don’t be overly ceremonious, but do make sure that others find being together an enjoyable event.
Of the diversities that may be found in race, color, manners, education or in the idiosyncrasies of others.
He, who cannot meet his appointments, will soon become a bother.
As if it were the most intimate secret. An executive cannot show arrogance or self-complacency. Often the failures of famous men confirm the adage, “pride precedes the fall”. When one begins to say that other employees are incompetent, or that clients are misers and foolish, you will have begun to get into trouble.
What one affirms should be done with thought; and what is promised, must be delivered. Half-truths may hide mistakes, but only for a short time. A lie works as a boomerang.
Especially collaborators, until they reach the true crux of the problem, even if you have to listen to them patiently for an hour. You would make a poor director, if you dominate the conversation instead of limiting yourself to listening.
With clarity and completeness, especially when giving instructions, it is always good to have a dictionary close by.
Eliminate interjections. Vulgar voices and familiar shouting weaken expressions and create misunderstandings. Great parliamentarians never used a single vulgar expression to verbally destroy their enemies.
It is very legitimate to have hobbies and interests in other things, but if going to work becomes a sacrifice, what you need is a vacation or employment at another corporation.
Whose productivity makes the management position possible and affirms the future of both.
It is a good tactic. Fidelity to the firm promotes self-benefit.
This should be the prerequisite of action.
It benefits the individual, the firm and the entire society. In this it is similar to priesthood.
It needs to be understood that it has nothing to do with the worth of the person, the size of the car or home, or the number of friends or clubs that one belongs to, luxuries, or the sign on the office door; and if these things mean more than work well and quietly done, and the knowledge and spiritual refinement to acquire them, then what is needed is a change of attitude or employment.
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