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30 Jun 2014

Understanding the climate to help avoid disasters

In order to prepare plans of action to prevent the potentially devastating effects of hurricanes and droughts, the climate must be monitored in real time: temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure, among others.

For that reason, Fundación FEMSA, through the Water Center for Latin America and the Caribbean (CDA), in collaboration with the Tecnológico de Monterrey, installed three Automatic Weather Stations in the Monterrey metropolitan area, which have been functioning since March 24.

With an investment of nearly 800,000 pesos, the purpose of this initiative, which was named “Tec Weather Monitoring Network” (Red Tec de Monitoreo Meteorológico), is to complement the current monitoring network, by contributing weather data for the south, southeast and western zones of the city, help establish a comprehensive information system to provide better service to government, private enterprise and the public at large.

These stations join eight more that are already up and running, administered by CONAGUA and the Civil Protection Department of the state of Nuevo León.