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8 Oct 2014

Twelve schools participate in Your Best Play

Playing is more than simply enjoying doing something: we develop teamwork skills, perseverance, concentration, and reciprocity when we play. In order to strengthen this learning, FEMSA invited the 12 schools with the best performance at the program Your Best Play in Nuevo Leon to participate in sports and family activities.

Students from seven elementary schools enjoyed a sports event together with their parents and teachers while students from five junior high schools participated in a soccer tournament. In addition to sports, the participants learned the value of a culture of lawfulness, which teaches us to spring into action and respect the rules.

This program, which aims to transform communities positively, is implemented in 200 schools from Nuevo Leon and Puebla where more than 70 thousand children have been benefitted and 200 physical education teachers have been trained every school year.

To watch the video of the event visit this link: