Take advantage of the benefits of the center for journalists FEMSA

27 Ago 2014

Training the best pool of entrepreneurs

Encouraging talent has always been a priority for FEMSA, so in conjunction with an entrepreneur’s club that develops and accelerates high-impact business models, The Pool works to transform new businesses into high-impact companies through workshops, courses, mentoring, training and other resources.

This alliance is part of FEMSA’s Entrepreneur Support Platform, and both coincide on the importance of positively transforming communities by simultaneously generating economic and social value.

The Pool operates through a collaborative working space and a business education and networking effort. This alliance with FEMSA enables entrepreneurs to take advantage of the experience and capacity of their business management to use them in key aspects like organizing a business plan and identifying a crucial route for achieving sustainability in the medium term, among other aspects.

In this way, the platform helps build alliances and contributes to the goal of bringing together players to help resolve problems, create jobs, avoid duplicating efforts and capitalize on results that can benefit future generations.