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27 Ago 2014

OXXO defines financial services

Along the path to seeking ways to continually offer a wider range of financial services, OXXO is defining new guidelines, creating an array of options that make its customers lives safer and more comfortable. The latest is an OXXO-to-OXXO money wire, a safe and immediate transaction, available throughout its entire network of establishments in Mexico.

There is a limit of 500 pesos that can be sent per transaction, and a commission of 5% of the amount sent. All you need to do is present an official identification, give the complete name of the recipient and a landline or cell phone number. At the moment the transaction is completed on the sender’s end, it is reflected immediately online in every OXXO store in the country, and the client is given a receipt and transfer number on a printed ticket. The recipient goes to any OXXO store and requests the money, providing the transfer number and landline or cell phone number supplied by the sender, along with an official ID.

OXXO is constantly working to innovate services and products to meet the needs of its customers, which is the reason behind its decision to begin offering a nationwide money transfer service.