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18 Dic 2014

Learning how to cook healthy

Today’s fast living demands that we give our family our best in all aspects, and parents are particularly interested in nutrition, due to its current and future repercussions. The program “Family Meal Time” is a great support for this need, latent in Saltillo, Mexico.

The program will offer bi-weekly 30-minute cooking workshops for the next year, taught by an expert in nutrition to mothers from five communities of Saltillo: Australia, Austrias, Buitres, María de León, and San Juan de la Vaquería. During the workshops –taught in a mobile kitchen – we will offer information about how to cook food in order to keep the nutrients in meals; we will deliver recipes based mainly on vegetables, and we will remind mothers of the importance of cooking and eating with our families.

The Food Bank of Saltillo, FEMSA Foundation, HEB, Chrysler Foundation, and the University of Monterrey are collaborating in this project with a joint investment of MX$2,623.351.