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8 Oct 2014

KOF’s plant in Jundiaí, interesting and educational

Coca-Cola FEMSA’s plant at Jundiaí in São Paulo – which houses the largest returnable PET production line in the world, able to manufacture 27 thousand bottles per hour – has welcomed in five months close to 1,092 students from elementary, secondary, and higher education institutions as well as the public at large.

The visitors receive an introduction, institutional information, and a tour of the facilities so they can learn about the manufacturing processes and quality standards of this plant, which supplies the Jundiaí region, the capital and the São Paulo coast as well as some regions of Minas Gerais.

The “Plant Visit” program lets us get closer to the consumer enabling us to share information in regards to the operational processes, quality protocols, and the manufacturing processes of the products carried out at the Coca-Cola FEMSA plant in Jundiaí.