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7 Oct 2015

It ended on a high note

The XI FEMSA Monterrey Biennial brings its exhibits and activities to a successful conclusion. Sixty-five works from Mexican and foreign artists were exhibited in one of the most highly regarded events promoting art in the region. The XI FEMSA Monterrey Biennial exhibit at Mexico City’s Old San Ildefonso College closed its doors; it was available from 28 April until 26 July 2015. Previously, the exhibit was shown at the Arts Center in Monterrey, Mexico from August to November 2014, where 75 parallel activities took place such as workshops, talks, conferences, round tables, and more. More than 61,361 people visited the exhibition, which received excellent reviews since it counted with the participation of 40 artists and 65 selected works. In parallel, we presented the exhibit Body Imprints; action, file, and installation under the curatorship of Sylvia Suárez from Colombia plus 11 guest artists from this country. FEMSA Monterrey Biennial looks to recognize, strengthen, stimulate, and promote the artistic creation in Mexico with a visual arts contest first instituted in 1992.