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18 Dic 2014

Innovative presence in Chicago

Between November 2 and 5, PTM participated in Pack Expo 2014, held in Chicago, Illinois. During the event, it introduced products that offer innovative, sustainable, functional and durable solutions to optimize its clients’ operations.

PTM’s star product, the Ultra Pallet®, was also present at the Expo, with great success. This pallet has the lowest cost per trip in the industry, and is manufactured using a hybrid high- and low-pressure process in which the columns are injected with foam plastic, increasing its impact resistance.

PTM has a business model based on three pillars: innovative design, operational excellence and sustainability. It also recovers and recycles more than 14,000 metric tons every year, which it turns into useful products.

PTM is a leading manufacturer of plastic crates in Latin America and plastic chairs, tables, and ice chests for the institutional market in Mexico.