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31 Jul 2014

Healthy, active, and ready to grow

More than 6 thousand children and adolescents from the Southern region of Mexico will receive workshops with practical and valuable information regarding health, nutrition, and sports through the program “Healthy and Active.”

The parents and teachers will also participate in this program, which has the goal of improving the quality of life of its participants from the core.

With a comprehensive scope that involves parents, teachers, and educational authorities, the program “Healthy and Active” looks to create a sustainable change in the region since the participating children will have access to very valuable information from an early age enabling them to change habits towards a healthier life style.

Over 6 thousand children aged 6 to 14 from communities of Chiapas, Yucatan, and Quintana Roo will be able to adopt better health, nutritional, hygiene, and sports habits thanks to this program sponsored by FEMSA Foundation and Save the Children.

“Healthy and Active” foresees the delivery of workshops and the promotion of health clubs where, in a ludic way, children as well as parents and teachers will raise their awareness and learn about 23 topics related to nutritional, hygiene, correct hydration, food preparation, among other aspects.

The project will last for three years and will start by diagnosing the knowledge and practices of children in regards to health and nutrition issues as well as by evaluating the sanitation and recreational conditions of schools.

An investment of more than US$1.5 million backs this important program.