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14 May 2015

Every one of us makes up this network

Mexico hosted for the second time the RedEAmerica International Forum (FIR, for its acronym in Spanish.) Since 2002, the event has aimed to foster a contemplation on how enterprises, communities, and governments contribute to environmental care and to the search for equal development opportunities in Latin America. The event took place on March 26 in the city of Merida, Mexico. The seventy-nine institutions participating at FIR perform social investment in eleven Latin American countries. The work that FEMSA performs in collaboration with RedEAmerica is essential to the generation of the best conditions to support the development of sustainable communities. We achieve this through actions guided by our strategic Sustainability framework, which consists of three Axes, Our People, Our Planet, and Our Community. We look to have a positive impact on the Latin American communities where FEMSA is present.