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18 Dic 2014

Doing what is legal means doing things right

FEMSA undertakes its duties following ethics and legality principles. Therefore, we joined “Let’s Do it Right,” an initiative open to Nuevo Leon’s community and driven by several sectors. This initiative looks to help citizens realize that living and supporting a Culture of Lawfulness offers benefits for all.

During 2014, our employees received an invitation to learn about the “Let’s Do it Right” Pact, which includes specific actions that the citizen can perform in order to strengthen a Democratic Rule of Law and to promote a Culture of Lawfulness. Defending what belongs to all, rejecting and avoiding justifications in the face of illegality, are among the issues promoted in the Pact.

The initiative has more than 130 allies in the public and private sectors, institutions, and NGOs. It has two main goals: Promoting the benefits of living and supporting a Culture of Lawfulness, and providing greater visibility for projects and initiatives that are transforming Monterrey, Mexico.