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9 Abr 2015

Delicious pure water from the Andes

Coca-Cola FEMSA Colombia introduces the new Agua Manantial bottle, an elegant container that conveys the pureness of the natural origin of the water it contains. Agua Manantial’s quality is renowned throughout the world and now its bottle reflects this faithfully. The needs of consumers are unique and special; therefore, Coca-Cola FEMSA Colombia introduced the new Agua Manantial bottle. Agua Manantial’s new glass container is elegant and natural; its design highlights the product’s quality and excellent taste. Agua Manantial takes us on a tour of the Andes, where we collect and naturally filter the water using chemical-free processes resulting in a purity unrivaled throughout the world. Having Agua Manantial in Coca-Cola FEMSA Colombia’s portfolio enables us to be present in every consumption time of our customers, offering quality, elegance, purity, and taste. Agua Manantial has the highest number of international recognitions; for three consecutive years, it has received Belgium´s highest honor Monde Selection Award “Grand Gold Quality.”