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30 Jun 2014

The best place to stay healthy

Since 2003, Coca-Cola FEMSA Brazil has been promoting a program called “Citizens’ Place” (Plaza de la Ciudadanía), held in regions where the company operates, and where it provides a range of health-related services to the community.

In the first half of 2014, Coca-Cola FEMSA Brazil held four of these health fairs, in the cities of Curitiba, Sumaré, Jundiaí and Porto Real, where it offered services including free medical counseling on breast, uterine and prostate cancer, glucose tests and others. It also had games for kids, storytellers, health advice for men and women, nutritional counseling, and legal and accounting advice, as well as human resources information for small farmers, among others.

In the history of this program it has benefited 27,000 people with the help of around 1,500 volunteers.