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31 Jul 2014

An award that has become a tradition

OXXO has 28 years rewarding the academic efforts in favor of ecology and environment.

The OXXO Award for Ecology is an important element in a set of efforts that the company undertakes in benefit of our environment.

Learning to care for the environment is ageless as 148 thousand children and teenagers from 880 schools in Nuevo León can attest; they confirmed their commitment to the environment participating in the 28th OXXO Award for Ecology 2013-2014.

Throughout the school year, the schools organize ecology clubs where students actively participate in environmental issues such as building greenhouses, school orchards, recycling campaigns, and campaigns to save water, light, and electricity as well as in social and humanitarian actions supporting the communities, and promoting values, among other activities.

The work performed by the clubs was documented and submitted to a jury conformed by representatives from the Ministry of Education of Nuevo León and from OXXO. This year we recognized two special education schools, six pre-schools, five elementary schools, and five junior high schools, for a total of 18 educational centers.

The winners received prizes such as a multi-mode sound equipment for events and assemblies; each teacher advisor of the ecology club received a Tablet, and every child in the club received a bike.