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14 May 2015

Art around the corner

FEMSA Collection and OXXO collaborate to bring the Collection’s itinerant exhibits to every region where OXXO is present, looking to contribute to education and the promotion of culture in each zone. The exhibit “Latin America / Plastic Diversity. FEMSA Collection” is an example of this participation; it will be open to the public at El Cuartel del Arte from March 31 until June 28 in the city of Pachuca, Mexico. The show displays 42 works of Latin American art in several disciplines, such as drawing, sculpture, graphics, photography, and painting. The selection seeks to take spectators in a tour of the different ways we can represent a shape, its changes and transformations until we arrive at geometry and abstraction. The exhibit has three theme cores: Figuration, Transition, and Geometrism. In addition, the museum’s visitors will be able to enjoy first-hand – and for the first time – the works of renowned artists such as Maria Izquierdo, Carlos Merida, Roberto Montenegro, Rufino Tamayo, and Juan Soriano, recently included in the Collection. Naomi Siegmann, “Shower,” 1979. FEMSA Collection. Top, Raul Oscar Martinez, “Memories,” 1996. FEMSA Collection. Donated by the artist. Left, Eduardo Ramirez Villamizar, “Fossilized Ammonite balance,” 1979. FEMSA Collection.