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18 Dic 2014

All our support for female entrepreneurs

Women play an active role in the economy of their families in addition to having great empowerment. The initiative “5by20” from The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico, in collaboration with MITZ Foundation, supports these important qualities, looking to assist and transform these women into future entrepreneurs.

“5by20” aims to support 5 million women, helping them gain ownership of their businesses by the year 2020 by providing them with financial services, assets, essential business knowledge, and support networks that encourage and support their potential.

The First International Social Commitment Congress was part of the project’s first stage, where Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico and MITZ Foundation presented handcrafts made of industrial waste such as cardholders, handbags, purses, and pencil boxes, among other products. This stage had great results; it has benefitted 50 women from the Estado de Mexico.