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18 Dic 2014

The air Tlaxcala breathes

The city of Tlaxcala, Mexico, hosts one of the most important lungs of the state; it is located in the Quimichú Mountain and for Coca-Cola FEMSA this is an important place to preserve, therefore more than 300 volunteers of the National Reforestation and Water Harvest Program of the Coca-Cola FEMSA System in Mexico gathered to plant three thousand pine trees.

The trees were specifically planted in the rural community of Santa María Tocatlán in Tlaxcala, looking to protect the biodiversity and to strengthen the ecological awareness of the community.

As of today, Coca-Cola FEMSA, through the National Reforestation and Water Harvest Program – implemented in 2007 – and with the support of thousands of volunteers, has planted close to 32 million trees. The company looks to preserve the country’s main forests with this effort.