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26 Feb 2015

Achieves certification thanks to its green buildings

Coca-Cola FEMSA Brazil’s Plant obtains the LEED certificate for having highly sustainable and efficient buildings in its operations

The plant is located in Maringa, Brazil and has energy saving buildings that translate into productivity and efficiency.

Coca-Cola FEMSA Brazil’s plant in Maringa became the first bottling company of the group in receiving the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Certificate, a certification system for sustainable buildings, which places the plant at the level of the most efficient buildings that have earned the certification in the country.

Among the factors taken into account for the certification are sustainable sites, efficiency in water, energy, and atmosphere use, materials and resources, quality of interior atmosphere, and innovation in design.

Among the benefits of having a LEED certified building are, savings of 30% and 50% of energy in respect to traditional buildings, translating into a decrease in operational costs in addition to an increase in the productivity of employees by having habitable spaces, adequate acoustic levels, temperature control, enough ventilation, among others.

The certification event took place last November.

This is a reality because the plant has been a spearhead in using strategies that enable a global improvement in environmental impact.