We deliver integral solutions that generate long-term social value for people who need to improve their quality of life through education on nutrition and research on Nutrigenomics.

Every one of us aspires to health, to a productive life, to progress, that is, to well-being. Living in this condition gives us the opportunity of transcending and improving our environment, leaving behind legacies that will prevail in the future.

Beyond having access to food, each of us needs to nourish in an adequate manner in order to achieve that well-being. A balanced diet has a positive impact on many aspects of the lives of people, including their development and that of their communities.

FEMSA Foundation works on sustainable projects that provide an improvement on the quality of life for people. Since 2013 we have bet on nutritional education as we are convinced that the personal decisions over nutrition, based on adequate knowledge, can have a positive exponential impact on the society.