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I wish to book a guided tour to Coca-Cola FEMSA’s plants

I wish to book a guided tour to Coca-Cola FEMSA’s plants

To book a guided tour, please contact our Customer Service Center at 4630-8888 or 0810-999-8888; we will gladly support your request.


Once you have contacted the Center, you’d be asked to send the following information on your Institution, Group, or Organization’s letterhead:


  1. Name, telephone number, and e-mail of person we should contact directly
  2. Specify the plant you wish to visit
  3. Tentative date of visit
  4. Number of people visiting the plant (max 35 people per visit)
  5. Visitors’ educational level or specialization
  6. Approximate age of visitors


In addition to the above, please explain the goal or interest of your visit.


We suggest verifying we have received this information 48 hours after you have sent it, you can do this by calling the Customer Service Center’s numbers  4630-8888 or 0810-999-8888


To supplement your visit, we invite you to Coca-Cola FEMSA’s website:

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