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FEMSA Comercio

FEMSA Comercio

Today we operate the largest and most profitable convenience-store chain in Latin America—OXXO. With 12,395 stores strategically located in all over Mexico and Colombia, OXXO is the largest nationwide seller of Coca-Cola products in the country.

OXXO is now becoming part of the lifestyle of people living nearby our stores. The commercial and marketing strategy of OXXO is to suit consumers’ needs, offering consumers convenient services such as nearby locations, 24 hour service in most cases, fast and confortable shopping experience, easy access, and the ability to pay utility bills directly at our stores.

Our consistently successful growth also exemplifies our operations’ alignment. Close coordination between OXXO’s beverage category managers and our beer and soft-drink marketers enables us to hone our promotional activity to stimulate and better satisfy consumer demand. Through this and other ways, we work together as a family to further our company’s shared strategy.


Country México
FEMSA Ownership (%) 100
Revenues (1) 97,572
Operating Income (2) 7,906
Stores (3) 12,395
Head Count (3) 104,600
Clients (4) 9
  1. Expressed in millions of Mexican pesos (MXN) as of December 31, 2013.
  2. After management fee (MXN).
  3. Number as of October 28th, 2014.
  4. Millions per day.



"To meet the needs of customers who want to buy frequently-consumed products quickly at a nearby store."


To continue to be the chain with the largest number of convenience stores in Latin America.


It has 11,721 stores located in the most important cities and metropolitan areas in Mexico and Colombia.

Relevant Information

  • FEMSA Comercio focuses on developing key competencies, such as:
    • Store segmentation according to the specific needs of the local customers.
    • Price strategies that enable points of sale to compete with supermarkets, thus increasing revenues and traffic in the stores.
    • Alliances with suppliers to achieve better purchasing terms and greater credit.
    • Inventory optimization and waste reduction.
    • Utilization of consumer information gathered through sales-point systems.
    • Constant reduction of the average expense per store.
  • FEMSA Comercio boosts regional economies by providing incentives for local suppliers in the different areas where it operates.
  • OXXO’s main attributes include:
    • Attention and service.
    • Proximity.
    • Speed.
    • Extended opening hours.
    • Product variety and supply.
    • Convenience.
    • Competitive prices.
    • Self-service.
    • Customer support through additional services, such as paying utility bills, etc.
  • OXXO has state-of-the-art information systems at each point of sale, which make it possible to manage each store efficiently as a business unit.
  • OXXO has 16 distribution centers which are strategically located all around Mexico to support OXXO's business operation.
  • Among additional services that OXXO offers to its consumers is the facility of paying utility bills.
  • In 2013, we opened 1,120 new stores which is equivalent to almost opening 3 stores per day.
  • Our customers can pay with credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Discover), without a money minimun purchase and no sign needed if the amount does not exceed 150.00 pesos ($11.50 USD approximately).
  • Another innovation in OXXO's services, is that it offers the possibility of paying flight tickets from Viva Aerobus and Volaris airlines in its over 11,700 stores.
  • Employs 104,600 people.

Visit www.oxxo.com


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