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FEMSA Cerveza - Brands

Our extensive portfolio of powerful beverage brands builds our market position and satifies the tastes of consumers in select countries worldwide.

Bohemia ObscuraDark Bohemia

To satisfy the most demanding palates Bohemia Obscura was developed, containing a dark liquid under the well-known Bohemia brand, which offers a great alternative for the consumer of this type of beer. The metallic tones of the label are maintained, in this case silver, denoting exclusivity and elegance of the Bohemia family.

Bohemia Obscura is a Vienna type beer, with a full body thanks to the mixture of caramel and toasted malts, which brings out is grain character, from where nut and coffee aromas emanate.

Available in Half Non-Returnable and Returnable bottles.

Sol Cero

Sol Cero is the first non-alcoholic beer produced in Mexico. It is made with the best ingredients and under a process that maintains all attributes in flavor of a good beer, especially the refreshing characteristic of products within the Sol-brand family. Its individual, non-returnable, 355ml transparent glass, screw-top bottle reflects its fresh and modern characteristics. Besides, Sol Cero is a light drink that counts with fewer calories than that of other non-alcoholic beers. Among its top qualities are its real beer flavor, and its low carbohydrate amount. With Sol Cero we offer to the consumer another option for responsible consumption, giving them the alternative to continue enjoying the flavor of a beer in those occasions where they rather have a non-alcoholic beverage.

Soul CitriC

Soul Citric is a refreshing, malt-based alcoholic beverage, with natural citric extracts. Due to its low alcohol content and sweetness level it is ideal for enjoyable moments. It is targeted at men and women, young adults who identify themselves with modern lifestyles and who are always seeking new enjoyable alternatives. You can enjoy Soul Citric in 4 different flavors: Lemon Lime, Peach, Pineapple Coconut and Green Apple. It is available in 355 ml (milliliter) transparent glass bottles with an easy-open cap, as well as in two presentations: a 4 pack basket and a one dozen box.

Dos XX Aluminio

Dos Equis (XX) Lager

Blond in color and easy on the palate, Dos Equis (XX) Lager is often found satisfying the thirst of people on beaches and in nightclubs across Mexico and the United States, where it was first introduced. Originally derived from XX Amber in 1984, this modern beer in the distinctive green bottle enjoys its highest market shares in tourist centers and on Caribbean cruise ships. In 1996 XX Lager earned the Gold Prize in the “European Style Pilsner” category at the World Beer Cup.

Dos Equis (XX) Amber

Dos Equis (XX) Amber

Dos Equis (XX) Amber satisfies the tastes of middle and upper middle class beer connoisseurs with its dark, full body and toasted malt flavor. Born in 1900, it was Cerveceria Moctezuma’s best selling brand in the 1940’s and 1950’s, and has experienced a remarkable resurgence in recent years—thanks in part to strong demand in the United States, which constitutes 98% of the brand’s exports. In fact, it remains the top selling imported dark beer in the United States.

Tecate Light

Tecate Light

Tecate Light debuted in 1992, as the first light beer in Mexico. Its full flavor makes it unique among light beers on the market, and its natural ingredients deliver exceptional quality. Tecate Light is available in 12oz and 16oz can half bottles, 190ml bottles, and one-liter presentations. In addition, it is the first light beer in Latin America to be offered in a 1.18L returnable presentation.



Launched in 1954 with great success, this medium lager has made as much of an impact with its innovative packaging as it has with its balanced taste. Tecate broke ground as the first canned beer in Mexico. Since then, a string of similar packaging revolutions—from a non-removable tab to a 12-pack to thematic allegories on its containers—has extended the brand’s influence throughout Mexico and beyond. Quality is always a top priority, as gold medals from competitions in Geneva, Paris, and Madrid attest.


A favorite of beer drinkers in Mexico for over 50 years, this slightly hoppy lager has renewed its appeal with consumers in recent years through savvy local marketing. Its half bottle’s distinctive etched label speaks to the brand’s tradition, while its commemorative special brews create a lasting impact and impression among those who enjoy it. Currently offered in five different containers, Superior has received a gold medal at Le Monde Selection in Brussels, Belgium.



Perhaps no brand in our portfolio outshines Sol, a crisp, light-bodied lager with an exquisite aroma and youthful identity. Named for a ray of sun sparkling through a German brewmaster’s mixing beaker, Sol has undergone a remarkable rebirth from a small working class brew to one of the greatest success stories in the history of Mexican beer. When market studies revealed that young people identified with the brand’s sunny individualism and enjoyed its clean, natural taste and smell, the company re-launched Sol domestically in 1993 as part of an innovative strategy that built buzz around the brand one region at a time. Today the brand is a powerhouse in Mexico and a serious player in Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

Noche Buena

Noche Buena

The only Christmas beer in Mexico, Noche Buena is a dark, full-bodied premium brew with a strong, distinctive flavor. True beer connoisseurs await its release every year between the months of October and December, when its rich custom-crafted qualities provide the perfect complement to the holiday spirit. Emblazoned with the festive Poinsettia (or Noche Buena) flower, this brand inspires those who enjoy it to give their best during the holidays by delivering the best quality and taste available in a dark beer.


Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc originally picked this uniquely balanced beer as its namesake offering, but consumers taken with the image on its label quickly re-named it “ Indio.” With its catchy new name and authentic, rugged brand identity, this mildly dark brew has expanded its appeal beyond northern Mexico to become a favorite of outdoors enthusiasts and naturalists across the country. The key to its appeal lies in its ability to offer cold-weather heartiness and warm-weather refreshment.

Carta Blanca

A Mexican institution since 1890, Carta Blanca embodies more than a century of Mexican brewing tradition. Technically a Pilsner, the brand scored its first major success in 1893 by winning first prize at the Chicago’s Columbian Exposition. Since that time, Carta Blanca has parlayed a series of quality awards and packaging innovations into a pre-eminent position in the Mexican marketplace. Today the brand remains top of mind with consumers by playing important roles in the community and continually exploring innovative marketing strategies.



One of the oldest brands of the company, Bohemia is made especially for beer connoisseurs who appreciate its distinctive and impeccable taste. Its label design and its golden neck and cap, accentuate its aspect of exclusivity, sobriety and elegance. Bohemia has attained the distinction of being considered one of the finest beers in the world and the recognition by the Mexican consumer as the highest quality Mexican beer.

Coors Light

Coors Light is a lager beer launched with great success in the northern part of the country. This beer has been very well accepted due to its Premium image, and its great light flavor good to the palate one after another. Coors Light offers youth, americanism, sociability, and status to consumers in Mexico that wish to project a great image and extend fun moments with a cold beer. In September 2004, FEMSA Cerveza sign a commercial agreement with Molson Coors to be the exclusive seller of Coors Light in Mexico, having the opportunity to satisfy the consumers with innovative taste, strenghtening and complementing its brands’ portfolio.

Brasil - Brands

Sol PilsenSol Pilsen

It is a soft beer with a consistent flavor, carefully elaborated with the best ingredients to satisfy the demanding palate of the Brazilian consumer. Its balanced flavor and thick and creamy foam identify it with the best Pilsner beers of the world. Sol is beer at its best!

Kaiser GoldKaiser Gold

Kaiser Gold is a Premium beer for those who seek to celebrate the best moments in life with style. Produced from a perfect combination of selected malts, Kaiser Gold has a unique gold color, unmistakable flavor and aroma with character. In 2006, it was awarded by the renowned International Taste & Quality Institute of Belgium.

Kaiser BockKaiser Bock

Kaiser Bock is a Premium Bock type beer, ideal for enjoying during the winter.

Kaiser Bock is a limited edition beer produced with the best and most select imported ingredients. Its exclusive blend results in a noble beer, with a robust body, great aroma and a characteristic dark-red tint.

Kaiser PilsenKaiser Pilsen

Kaiser is a Pilsner type beer, ideal to accompany moments of distraction and leisure among friends. Produced with carefully selected ingredients, Kaiser is soft, refreshing, and full of flavor, and it represents the democratic and fun spirit of Brazilian bars.


Xingu is a dark, select and refined beer, with a medium body and creamy foam. A 100% Brazilian product uses ingredients of the highest quality, it has a presence throughout Brazil.

Due to its balanced and authentic flavor, Xingu was recognized internationally by the Beverage Institute Tasting of Chicago as the best dark beer in the world, and for its quality by the International Taste & Quality Institute of Belgium in 2006.

The success of Xingu is not limited to Brazil, as it is present in the United States and Europe in its Long Neck version.

Bavaria PremiumBavaria Premium

Bavaria Premium is one of the most traditional beer brands in Brazil, since 1877. Made from carefully selected imported ingredients, it is a pure malt beer of very high quality with a soft flavor. The masterpiece of our master brewers.

Bavaria PilsenBavaria Pilsen

Bavaria Pilsen is produced following the strictest quality standards in the selection of its ingredients and in it’s brewing. The malt is obtained from barley seeds that are cultivated in the producing regions of the greatest tradition. Similarly, the aromatic hop comes from the hallowed region of Hallertau in Bavaria, Germany, region from where it gets its name. With low fermentation, Bavaria Pilsen is a light-flavored and refreshing beer.

Alcohol-Free BavariaAlcohol-Free Bavaria

Alcohol-Free Bavaria has a genuine beer flavor, thanks to its exclusive formula developed by experienced master brewers. A flavorful and refreshing beer can be enjoyed any time of day. It has the backing of one of the best beer brands in Brazil. It is the alcohol-free option for consumers who wish to enjoy full beer flavor.

Summer DraftSummer Draft

Summer is a daft beer, soft and refreshing, and an ideal compliment for fun moments. It is brewed using a double filtration process, and its special hop makes it more resistant to light.

Santa CervaSanta Cerva

Santa Cerva is a Pilsner type beer with a light aroma, flavor and bitterness. Every day it conquers more consumers, due to its perfect combination between accessibility and quality.